AHREM, Yadike School, Myague Island



 img 1317  New students
 Above: Zaw Zaw teaching English  Above: Students studying English
 Below: Students studying in groups
Students studying in groups

Myague is a large island in Arakan State,Burma.

In January 2016 Zaw Zaw and David visited Arakan State to find an area where AHREM could start an English education programme.We eventually found Yadike village on Myague Island where three of our AHREM members homes are. Their parents trust us, therefore helped us to meet with the headman and headmaster of the school where the people were very interested and keen to have their children learn English.After a few meetings  they agreed to allow us to start our programme in the local temple area.Zaw Zaw will stay for 3 months to set up the school, afterwhich two of our members,Aung Kyaw and Soe Maung will come and take over. As more of our organisation's members finish their higher education we plan to open more programmes like this one.