The History of Chakaria School



Chakaria School of Informal Education C.S.I.E. was founded in May 2010 by Zaw Zaw and David Fisher, with the intention of providing a basic education and long­ term learning programme, for the children in Chakaria. Thus far our project has been very successful in making many parents and their children happy.

At present we have 30 students from our village aged 5-17 enrolled at the school.This number is growing as word spreads amongst the local community about the school which may be more informal than a conventional school, but is seen as being vital to this underdeveloped village.

The Bangladeshi government told us that if the school can stay afloat for 1 year, they will then step in and offer support to us.Now they have kept their promise and we now have text books for each subject, for each child,renewed each year. We thank them vey much.


 boy-student-csie  girls-students-csie  gregory-beauchamp-csie

Try to imagine a world without schools.

Parents with so little income that they can barely put food on the table for their families. Electricity supplies continually being cut off. Dirty water for washing, drinking and cooking. Poor sanitation.

The list of hardships goes on, however this is our world, the one we are forced to live in, here in Chakaria.

Despite the hardships we are a happy people and try our best to etch out a life, a life that one day we hope will change, when we can return to our country. However, if we return without an educa­tion, then life will not be much better and maybe even worse, since people will choose to employ the more literate members of society.

The photos above show how C.S.I.E. has brought hope into the lives of these children.
Thanks to the many large and small donations from people around the world.
With your help we were able to run this school for 5 years which will made a huge difference in the lives of these poor children.
Unfortunaely due to local political decisions we had to close this school. Luckily those who wanted were able to continue their education at AHREM in Mae Sod.